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Company Profile

“To attain higher levels of excellence by providing professionalized treatment and specialized technical services to problems generally out broken during various process For Instrumentation execution, testing, commissioning operation and maintenance particularly to Oil, Gas and Petro-chemical industries.”
Mayu Instrumentation commenced business in India in 1987 with the objective of providing specialized services in the field of Instrumentation facilities for Oil & Gas fields, Refineries, Petrochemical industries.
Since its foundation the company has so far executed many projects covering a wide range of specialized Instrumentation and Electrical services and engineering related activities for such projects.
Mayu Instrumentation is the revolutionary companies in India to specialize in Instrumentation, Electrical and safety equipment of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals projects for the Oil & Gas sector and has earned the acclamation of its clients.
  • Experienced & qualified oil, gas and petrochemical industry professionals
  • Excellent relations with Oil, Gas and Petro-chemicals industries
  • In-depth knowledge of:
  • India’s Oil, Gas & Petro-chemicals industry requirements.
  • Availability of resources for execution of projects.
  • Indian regulations and procedural complexities.
Various jobs executed have been inspected and certified by National and International certification agencies such as:
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd.
  • Kribhco Fertilizer Hazira.
  • GSPC, Hazira.
  • Gujarat Gas company Ltd.
  • Q-con Qatar
  • Kentech Kazakhstan
  • Kentz O’z Trinidad Tobago
  • Overall Quality Management
  • Get the most out of Productivity
  • On time commissioning of projects
    The company has full experience in :
  • Engineering services like Installation.
  • Testing and commissioning services.
  • Trouble shooting – Time bound jobs.
  • Operation and Maintenance services.
  • Revamping and Modification of Instrumentation, Electrical, Fire and gas.
  • Routine and Periodical maintenance of Instrumentation, Electrical, Fire and gas in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Fields.
  • Instruments maintenance, shutdown and time bound jobs of equipment (i.e. all types LT,PT,FT,DPT,DCS,PLC,SCADA system) in Oil and Gas Petrochemical Plants.
  • Annual Rate contract for Instrument maintenance and preventive maintenance job in Kribhco GAIL and heavy water.
  • Work Contract for maintenance of Birthing air sets and High Pressure air compressor, Airline.
  • Maintenance, Cleaning and Inspection of Level troll, Level Switch ,level gauge, Thermowells ,in Oil Refineries and Petrochemical plants.
  • Installation of instruments, cable laying, impulse tubing, pipe stand, calibration, maggaring, and continuity check, panel installation, testing, loop checking, and commissioning job.