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Fire and Safety

Fire Safety provides fire protection and safety equipment for your facilities, jobsites and project specifications. As contractors ourselves, we understand the demands of today’s fast paced construction market. In addition to providing products and services for your facilities and personnel, we also provide the fire and safety solutions specified in many new projects.

new projects.

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Cabinets, and Access Panels

  • Personal protective equipment (Head, Eye and Ear Protection)

  • Fall Protection

  • Portable gas detection instruments

  • Fire alarm and detection systems

  • Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression systems

  • Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

Breathing Apparatus Refill, Inspection and Servicing:

Mayu instrumentation has a full service B.A. service center that can help you with all your needs. We follow the toughest guidelines for servicing. Following these strict guidelines ensures the customer the B.A. set will function correctly when needed.

Hydro-testing of breathing Air cylinders Inspection, Repair and Refurbishment of most brands of Breathing apparatus and breathing air systems: With its state of art repair and refurbishment center Mayu Instrumentation can take your old worn out equipment from you and return to you refurbished equipment that looks and operates like new.