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Instrumentation Contractors

Mayu Instrumentation offers the following instrumentation services:

  • Supply of instruments, panels, junction boxes, cable laying & termination, perforated cable tray work, pedestal fabrication
  • Installation of systems including hazardous area control systems, SCADA systems, DCS and PLC systems, fire and gas systems and process installation, termination & commissioning of indicators, transmitters and controllers, valves & other field instruments.
  • Infrastructure systems installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/ gas tubing and impulse piping work
  • Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians with certified testing equipment
  • Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement related to electrical & instrumentation hardware material
  • Ability to pre-fabricate instrument support & other fabrication work for control packages on or off site
  • Provide skilled Engineers, Technicians for shut down maintenance, installation and commissioning activities as required

We offer Instrument Installations and testing & calibration services.