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Safety & Quality

Mayu Instrumentation At Safety and Quality is a custom. It gives utmost importance to delivering quality services and products with highest concern for the safety of the man, equipment, Instruments and property.

At Mayu Instrumentation we are committed to:

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace even as we focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace even as we focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Encouraging and empowering all our employees to continuously follow and improve upon the safety processes, thereby delivering quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness to the client.

  • Error free and accident free service delivery through proper communication of the policies and goals to the employees, supply chain partners, interested third parties and aligning their objectives with that of the company‚Äôs and of the customer.

Safety and Quality requirements are incorporated into every activity and process. Although the company is involved into various fields with different scopes, each activity or project is taken independently and elements of Safety and Quality are imbibed into it. Be it stated or implied requirements, procedural details, documentation, operations, inspections or certifications; every aspect of Safety and Quality is considered and further put into practice.

Mayu Instrumentation offers safe and quality service to its customers by validating its operations, certifying tools and tackles at regular intervals and by employing skilled manpower who are adequately trained for different jobs.

The machinery is certified as per the various applicable standards by prestigious certifying bodies which ensures safe working environment to our employees as well as our clients.

The company caters to health and safety of employees, maintains the Quality of service and also handles the various environmental issues.
Credentials, we believe, are built over a long period of time and are a direct consequence of honest effort applied over multiple dimensions.

At Mayu Instrumentation we base our credentials on our processes and our people, and these in turn are driven by two key polices, namely our Safety & Quality Policy and our Training Policy.